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May 2024

Late and Added Charges Must Be Submitted as a Corrected Claim

Effective July 1, 2024, all late charges must be submitted to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois as a corrected claim after the original claim has been processed.

What are late charges?
Late charges, or additional charges, represent changes for items and services that were submitted after the bill was created and not included in the original bill.

How To Submit a Corrected Claim
When submitting a corrected claim for charges to a previously processed inpatient or outpatient claim for commercial members, remember these important tips:

For more information refer to our Claim Submission page. Also see our Clinical Payment and Coding Policies page to view our revised CPCP025 Corrected Claim Submissions policy.

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The information provided does not constitute coding or legal advice. Physicians and other health care providers should submit claims using the most appropriate code(s) based upon the medical record documentation, coding guidelines and reference materials.