Blue Review
A Provider Publication

February 2022

BCBSIL Needs Your Help To Update Your Telehealth Information

Another directory update is specified in Illinois Senate Bill 332, which amends the Network Adequacy and Transparency Act. As previously mentioned, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is required to update our printed directory and our online provider directory, Provider Finder®, with each contracted provider’s telehealth information.

We Need Your Help
We’re ready to start collecting information from commercial providers contracted with BCBSIL in the PPO, HMO and Blue Choice PPOSM networks. If you participate in one of these commercial networks, please complete the following steps:

  1. Send a request to the Illinois Provider Roster Requests team asking for a current copy of your roster
  2. Complete the telehealth fields for each provider on the roster, AND
  3. Send the roster back to the Illinois Provider Roster Requests team as soon as possible

The roster includes 12 new telehealth fields to complete for each provider. If a provider does not provide telehealth, mark “No” for all 12 fields.

The first two fields refer to the modalities your office provides.

  1. Telehealth available audio only (Yes or No)
  2. Telehealth available audio and video (Yes or No)

The third field is asking whether your practice has the ability and willingness to include a family caregiver who is in a separate location than the patient on a telehealth visit, if the patient wishes and provides his or her consent.

  1. Telehealth w/Family Caregiver in Different Place (Yes or No)

Fields 4 through 12 refer to the types of services your office could offer via telehealth.

  1. Telehealth Medical Care (Yes or No)
  2. Telehealth Consultation (Yes or No)
  3. Telehealth Other Medical Items or Services (Yes or No)
  4. Telehealth Hospice (Yes or No)
  5. Telehealth Hearing Items and Services (Yes or No)
  6. Telehealth Vision Items or Services (Yes or No)
  7. Telehealth Outpatient Mental Health Treatment (Yes or No)
  8. Telehealth Occupational Therapy (Yes or No)
  9. Telehealth Physical Therapy (Yes or No)

If you have any questions, contact your Provider Network Consultant (PNC).