Blue Review
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October 2021

Network Operations Update: Voicemail and Email Deactivation, Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

In an effort to streamline provider inquiries and improve administrative processes, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) Network Operations team is retiring the following phone number/voicemail and email address: 312-653-6555,

This phone number/voicemail will be deactivated this month and the email address deactivation is slated for December 2021. We encourage you to visit our Provider website for the most up-to-date information. To help ensure a seamless transition, a sampling of commonly asked questions is included below.

How do I obtain a fee schedule?
Refer to our Fee Schedule page for a quick overview. (There’s an online Fee Schedule Listing tool that may be accessed via the Availity® Provider Portal. Or, refer to the Forms page and use the appropriate form under the Fee Schedule category to fax or mail your request.)

How do I apply for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?
You can enroll online for EFT via the Availity Provider Portal. Visit our Claim Payment and Remittance page for details. If you have questions, email our Electronic Commerce Services team

How do I obtain my 1099 form?
Email your request to our 1099 Inquiries team.

How do I add a provider to my group?
If you need to add a provider to your current contracted group, complete our online Provider Onboarding Form to initiate the process.

How do I check the status of my application?
To check the status of your Provider Onboarding Form application, use our online Case Status Checker. Enter the case number received in your confirmation email.

How do I request corrections to my provider demographic information?
If you need to change existing demographic information [e.g., legal name; National Provider Identifier (NPI)/Tax ID; physical address(s), phone/fax number, email, hours of operation, etc.], complete our online Demographic Change Form.

How do I update my facility office address?
Request this change using our online Demographic Change Form

How do I terminate a provider from my group?
Request this change using our online Demographic Change Form

How do I terminate my contract?
Request this change using our online Demographic Change Form; include a copy of the termination letter.

How do I join the commercial HMO network?
BCBSIL doesn’t contract directly with providers for our HMO products. Providers who would like to participate in our HMO network must contact a BCBSIL contracting HMO Medical Group or Independent Practice Association (IPA) in their area. Refer to the Contracting page on our website for more information, including a link to View HMO Medical Group/IPA listing

How do I contract for a dentist?
Email Provider Support to request a contract.

How do I request a roster of my providers?
Email our Provider Roster Requests team to request a current update roster; include your group name, NPI and Tax ID.

Whom do I contact if I have Provider Network Consultant (PNC) assignment questions, provider data/loading or onboarding form issues?
Information on PNC assignments is available on our website. If you have questions about these assignments, or if you’re having issues with our online provider onboarding or demographic change request forms, email Provider Relations; include all pertinent information.

Whom do I contact for help with claims issues?
Call Provider Customer Services using the number specific to your network inquiry.

  • Commercial: 800-972-8088
  • Government Programs: 
    • Blue Cross Community Health PlansSM (BCCHPSM) – 877-860-2837
    • Blue Cross Community MMAI (Medicare-Medicaid Plan)SM – 877-723-7702
    • Blue Cross Medicare AdvantageSM – 877-774-8592

This article is not applicable for HMO.