Sept. 23, 2020

Some Small Group Plans to Be Discontinued in 2021; FAQs Included

What you should know: This week, we will begin sending discontinuation notices to group administrators and employees of accounts whose plans will no longer be available in 2021. We will continue sending notices to groups throughout the year, 90 days in advance of their renewal date.

Discontinued Plans PDF: For affected groups, the 2020 Renewal Exhibit will suggest a plan similar to their current plan. They will also have the option to select from other plans at different metallic levels, networks and price points.

Illinois Small Group Blue PrecisionSM plans will no longer be offered in the Bloomington area, which includes Dewitt, Livingston and McClean counties. Discontinuance notices will be sent to impacted groups and members. Small Group Blue Precision plans will still be available in the Chicago, Peoria and partial Rockford rating areas.

Sample Discontinuation Notices:

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will we map accounts with a closed plan to a new plan?
A: During their next renewal periods, impacted Small Groups that can auto-enroll will be mapped to a new plan. However, impacted Small Groups will have the option to select from one of our other plans if their current plan is being discontinued.

Q: Where can groups find similar or alternate plans available?
A:  2021 plan options will be included in their renewal.

Q: When will groups be notified?
A: Starting at the end of September, we will send notices to Small Groups currently enrolled in a discontinuing plan. The letter will inform them that their current plan(s) will not be available for renewal in 2021, but other options will be available.

Q: What about employees?
A: Per regulatory requirements, notices are sent to the employees of affected employer groups. This notice will inform them that their current plan(s) will no longer be available, and their employer will have new plan options at the time of their 2021 renewal. These notices will mail at the same time as the employer notices.

Q: Is this a one-time mailing?
A: It is a one-time mailing per employer/employee. We will send the first mailing for impacted January employers/employees at the end of September. We will continue sending notices at least 90 days prior to employers' renewal dates each month for the next 12 months.

Q: Which plans are being discontinued?
A: Here is a list of discontinued plans PDF.