March 20, 2019

First-year Renewal Rate Cap on New Mid-market (51-150) Business

Applies to: New Mid-market (51-150) Groups

It’s no secret – groups are looking for ways to keep their health care expenses low and predictable. We can help deliver on that goal. Now, when you sell a new, mid-market group for a July 1, 2019, effective date, we’ll give them a 5 percent cap on their first-year renewal!

Who Is Eligible?

What About ACA Taxes and Fees? 
If ACA taxes and fees are reinstated, we’ll add the amount to the capped renewal rates.

How Do I Sign My Group Up?
Your sales executive or general agent will provide specific language to include in the Benefit Program Application.

Let’s Talk About It!
This is a great opportunity for your clients, so don’t hesitate – run your initial quote today! Call your sales executive or general agent if you have any questions.